Super Slow – My Secret Muscle Mass Building Workout Routine

This is a workout routine that I have been using for quite sometime now that I call “Super Slow”.  The reason is simply that you perform all workouts very slowly to completely breakdown your muscles in the time that you workout.  A typical workout week for me, while I am doing this routine, consists of two days of working out, an hour per workout.  That is all that it takes.

This is a great routine for anybody who wants is serious about building muscle mass (I wouldn’t recommend it for those who just want to lose weight).  The routine basically requires that you go through 6 to 8 exercises for all the main muscle groups, do one set with each exercise and perform the exercise very slowly.  When I say very slowly, I mean that to do one full repetition, it should take 15 to 20 seconds.  You are going to do as much weight as you possibly can, and then on your final rep, you are going to hold it half-way until you can no longer hold it.

This routine will completely breakdown your muscles, and you only need to do each set once, and you are good.  I perform this routine twice a week, giving my muscles 3-4 full days of rest before working them out again.  Now obviously you need to maintain a healthy diet, but aside from that, this workout is a real muscle builder.  You will definitely see quick results, and I can also show you how to adjust this routine so that it suits you.  There are other ways forms of this workout that I can show you that are just as effective and will help defeat the “plateau effect”.  Building muscle mass is not as hard as you think, you probably just don’t know how to do it.

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