Muscle Building Meals – Best Fast Food Choices When in a Hurry to Build Muscle Fast

Keeping the body in an anabolic state in order to build muscle every day is not an easy task. It usually specifies careful planning ahead to make sure you have meals for the day. What about when you run short on time and don’t have your muscle building foods prepared? Do not skip meals when out on the road no matter you do. It is best to get an excellent quick alternative to keep those calories coming in so that you can build muscle fast.

I’m not a fan of fast food joints but sure I’ve been guilty of throwing down a large amount of ninety-nine cent double cheeseburgers at Mickey D’s. This can be a cheap method to get some calories and very low grade protein but it’s not a great option for overall health or muscle development. Let’s look at a few better choices of meals you can have while out on the road.

Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad

This is a little gem I found at McDonald’s and it is usually what I order when I take my kids to get their happy meals. For a $4.95 salad at a fast food joint this is actually a better tasting salad than I have had at a few expensive restaurants. It comes with a whole slice of grilled chicken, some black beans, and your basic greens. Throw the Newmans Sante Fe dressing on top and it is loaded with flavor. If you need a good meal and are looking to gain lean muscle while not bulking up on unnecessary fats try this out. If it doesn’t have enough calories for you grab a 99 cent grilled chicken wrap as a nice boost to gain muscle fast. If you are carb conscious just throw the additional chicken in the salad and feed the wrap to the birds after you go outside because they love those extra carbs. This is often a muscle building food that’s great for someone looking to stay lean on their bulk up.

12″ Tuna Sub for Subway

With the amount of carbs that come on the twelve inch roll I wouldn’t suggest this for the “lean bulker” but it is one of my favorites when I want a ton of calories plus protein. Sure it is loaded with fat from the mayo but you actually get a decent balance of carbs, protein, and fats. Make sure they load it up with tons of veggies so that you can get a lot of fiber in there to help you slow the digestion and gastric emptying rate of the food.

Did someone say double meat? For the really big appetite go for double meat. As a bonus it comes with double cheese as an option – and yes I take that option thank you very much! For a guy like myself quickly approaching forty years old this option is sure to add some fat around the waist so I only eat it on serious workout days where I know my metabolism will burn it off. For the younger guys out there that have trouble gaining muscle let alone fat you may probably go triple cheese and not gain any fat while you gain muscle fast.

Build Muscle on the Road

We can’t always be prepared with a cooler full of ready meals so you’re going to have those days where you eat out. Simply do not make a habit it of it because it will get expensive plus there are a lot of processed additives in these foods that your body just doesn’t need. Muscle building foods should be made to taste great and in bulk so that you have several meals ready to go in the fridge.

Muscle Building Foods for Mass

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