Simple Facts About Muscle Building Diets

When you are out to build muscle it is important that you realize right from the start one very important fact. Weight training does not build muscle, never has, never will. That’s just not how it works, you see weight training actually destroys muscle fibers, the body then rebuilds those fiber and builds new ones to supplement the rebuild ones in order to help prevent the damage from occurring again. What we call body building is just a systematic and control process of planned destruction and predictable reconstruction performed over and over again until we achieve the results that we desire.
In order for body to be able to perform the rebuilding part of the process you need to provide it with the fuel and materials it needs to do so. Muscle is built primarily of water and proteins so you need to make sure that you are including large amounts of both into your muscle building diets. But, make sure that your muscle building diets are not mostly protein as this is unhealthy and can lead to certain medical conditions. The general rule of thumb is that you should be consuming 15%-20% for your daily calories from proteins but at the most you should never have more proteins in your daily intake that 50% of the carbohydrate you take in.

Carbohydrate, a word that has gotten a bad rap. The truth is that if you want to burn fat then you have to have carbohydrates in your muscle building diets. If you want to build muscle then you have to have cabs in your diet and if you want to stay healthy, vital, and energized then you have to have large amounts of carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrates are the fuel that your body runs on, proteins are the building blocks. Think about your car its made of metal but runs on gas, how far to you think your car will drive if your replace all the gas in the tank with metallic powder? And before all of the cult programmed crowd out there start jumping up and down about the special diet that a certain “doctor” made famous, let me give you something to think about, The American Medical Associations declared him a quack and tried several times to revoke his license to practice medicine citing his diets as dangerous due to depriving people of needed FUEL to repair and maintain good health. You should have about 65% of your total calories from healthy natural carbohydrates products such as grains, pasta and starches. Your body cant build without fuel, when was the last time you saw a building being built with a bulldozer that was out of gas, Carbohydrates are essential to your muscle building diets.

Water is the last consideration, it is vital to your muscle building diets. The truth is that “America runs on StarMooseCoffeeSuperCorp Cafe & Donut Co.” we are a nation of people who have forgotten that nature gives us what we need and to get it we need only walk to the kitchen sink with a glass. Water accounts for 70% of your body mass and you should be drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day for good health more if you are detoxifying your body or are trying to build muscle mass more efficiently, If carbohydrates are the fuel we run on then water if the carrier of the fuel, water must be a large part of your muscle building diets

Keep these things in mind and you will be on the way to building muscle mass faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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