Who Wants to Get Old?

?Live fast, die young’, was a popular message from before. Now it’s ?don’t worry, be happy’. Next will it be ?live slow, die old’?

However, inside, your organs are still getting older and even your cellular reproductive systems are slowly slowing down. So your body is getting older, whether you like it or not. Currently, scientists are doing a lot of research with genes and with pills. Experts are researching into lifestyles, and looking at belief systems and a whole lot of other things. They are busy searching for the elusive ?fountain of youth?. But what is really behind the ageing process? When you start to feel old, negative, depressed and tired, you start to slow down; Not having enough energy anymore ? that’s when this happens. You are running out of time and energy. You are more and more blocked and your body becomes weaker and weaker as you age.

A popular message from before was ?Live fast, die young’. Now it?s ?don?t worry, be happy?. Next will it be ?live slow, die old??

If you really want to be young, if you really want to stay young, you need to understand that you need to improve your energy and your timing. When you start to train to get more energy in your life, you enter a different time paradigm. Your ageing process starts to slow down and time starts to expand – it starts to freeze.

When we start to live the full energy life, we start to live a frozen life just like when refrigerators keep food fresh longer. In fact you can do things much more quickly, it’s not that you get slower. That you need to use less energy to do everything and you need less time to do as much as you used to in a lot longer time is because your energy increases.

You literally start to bend the laws of time, by saving time and energy. So it will be of great benefit to you to earn how to increase your energy and improve your timing so that you can live a long and fulfilling life.

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