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Jumping higher has been the dream of a lot of people, especially sports enthusiast who are amazed by the amazing feats of players done way above the ground. These seemingly impossible feats could only be achieved through one thing – that is vertical jump training.

Through the effective use of leg muscles, people could generally jump great vertical distance, as long as they have properly conditioned and well-trained leg muscles. These well-conditioning and training are generally incorporated in vertical jump sessions available in most of the gymnasiums and sports centers in the country.

By employing basic exercises like, ball handling, ball throwing, squatting, jump rope activities, and other jumping routines, these sessions are able to generate the awe-inspiring feats that we see happen in different sports arena.

Vertical jump training is also the reason behind world records and successful basketball, volleyball, track and field, and football players we have today. Because of the intensive training these players receive from vertical jump sessions, their legs empower them to beat the odds and seal their names in the hallmarks of sports history.

If you can jump higher, you will be able to make every jump look better and you will be able to do more jumps.

Vertical training is a perfect combination of weight training for strength and plyometric training for speed. You have to train with weights if you want to increase your vertical leap.

This type of training will not cause you to gain weight and bulk up so you don’t have to worry about that while training.

So what type of exercises do you need to do to increase your vertical?

Squats are a great exercise that will increase the strength of your legs. These should be done with very strict form and with weight that is comfortable until you have the proper form.

Cleans are another great way to develop extra strength and also require very good form.  Make sure you start with very light weight until you can do them properly. Always have someone that is trained in exercise science teach you the form.

The above two paragraphs are great for strength gains, you then have to train for speed with plyometric exercises. For these you will get a plyo box and do jump training on the box.  You want to stay away from doing high repetitions on the boxes because that will train you muscle endurance more than your maximum jump height.

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