A promise to fulfil

Both of my kids have passion in playing music instruments. May daughter can play the keyboard and bass guitar while my son can play an acoustic guitar. I’m happy because they are now using their talent to serve God. So I promise to buy the best branded guitar for them in the future from the best guitar center. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to do that since my daughter already graduated from college and I can already save some budget for it.

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Daughter’s wish

My daughter has just finished College and she’s now on a long vacation. So after her graduation, all she does is eat and sleep and because of that she’s gaining a lot of weight. Her brother is always teasing her. So now she’s telling me to buy a weighing scale and she’s now determined to loose weight. Her wish is to loose weight before she starts working. Well, if she doesn’t change her lifestyle i’m sure she’ll have a hard time loosing weight.

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Online music store

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