Guitar for little kids

If your little kid wants to play guitar but cannot use the regular guitar why not try the cordoba guilele. Because it’s small, for sure your kid can hold it firmly and play it easily. I just don’t know how if it has the same number of strings as the regular guitar. Anyhow, for me this is a quick solution to your child’s need. :) And to protect them from having pain in their fingertips after playing for hours and from developing callouses give them guitar fingers as well.

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Healthy drinks

Hot season is here! While in our homes, we can refresh and cool ourselves with these health-giving juices. You can try mixing any one the following combinations:

Cleansing Juice – With 250 ml water, mix (blend) 1 whole small apple, ½ small carrot and ¼ tsp fresh ginger. Ginger is not only good in giving flavor to our stir-fried dishes; in the ancient times, it is a well- known substance that eliminates intestinal gas and helps relax and soothe the intestinal tract. Beauticians usually prescribe this juice because of some perceived effects on the skin.

Chole-Clogger – This juice can be made from a combination of celery, apple and cucumber. These three ingredients give the body very strong antioxidants that can help fight cancer and help in significantly reducing blood cholesterol levels. Simply combine 250 ml of water with ¼ cup celery, ½ cup cucumber and 1 small apple.

Breath Freshener – Gone are the days when we have no choice but to gargle those alcoholic mouthwash, just so we can have fresh breath. There are now various oil-based mouthwash available in the market. Other than these, we can try this juice to help us have a good smelling breath. Mix in the blender 250 ml water, 1 small green apple, ¼ cup carrots and 1 small tomato. You might be wondering what it is in this juice that will help give you fresh breath. It’s simply the apple and tomato combination.

Cooler Juice – This unique combination of apple and bitter gourd milk can instantly cool down your internal body heat and helps you become more comfortable. In a blender, mix ¼ cup bitter gourd, ½ cup milk and 2 small apples.

Skin Glow Juice – Oftentimes, we hear people placing pieces of cucumbers around their eyes to help them get rid of their eye bugs. There could be some truth to that, so why not try cucumber for your skin? Blend together 1 cup water, 1 whole orange (without seeds), ½ cup diced cucumber. When this two combines, it can help improve your skin texture and better moisture content for your skin. Others even consider it as a body heat-reducing drink.

Detox Juice – When one is trying to remove toxins from his body, this juice can be good especially to the kidney and bladder. 1 small apple, ¼ cup pineapple tidbits and ½ cup diced watermelon all together mixed with 1 cup water may help in dispelling excess salts from your body.

Try them all and have a refreshing day!

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All for God’s glory

It’s been 3 years since my daughter started playing bass guitar. She used to be one of the keyboardist in our church music team but when she learned to play bass guitar she already hooked to it. Now that she’s already working and earning money on her own she’s planning to buy a new bass guitar together with cerwin vega subwoofer. Though i know they are pricey, but still i’m supporting her on her passion for music and because she is doing it all for God’s glory!

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